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Let's Get Sleepy!


1:1 Support Services

1:1 Support Services or better known as 'Full Support Services' are the most popular services Sleep E-Zzz Consulting offers. Full Support Services help take any guesswork out of your sleep training experience. With an easy to follow sleep plan, daily troubleshooting assistance from Michelle; your stress surrounding sleep will disappear in no time!

Are these services right for you?

-Best suited for parents who have anxiety/stress surrounding sleep.

-For families with multiple sleep struggles (short naps, bedtime battles, night wakings, co-sleeping)

-Great for parents who would prefer someone else do the troubleshooting/adjusting for you.


Mini Consults

Budget & parent friendly services. Mini Consultations include Partial Sleep Support Services & smaller services such as Online Q&A's. These services are great for families who need small tune ups on their child's sleep and want to work on a budget.

Are these services right for you?

-Best for families who feel comfortable taking charge and troubleshooting on their own.

-Families who have already sleep trained and have encountered small hiccups in the process.

-Perfect for parents who feel confident in their already acquired knowledge with baby sleep.

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Online Guides

Online Guides is a section filled with great (& budget friendly) guides for your baby's sleep. Within this section you'll find the 'Sleep Training On A Budget' Guide; along with multiple nap transition guides!

Are these services right for you?

-You need quick fixes to small issues

-Your family is in need of guidance during nap transitions

-Your family is on a tight budget but you still deserve sleep!