Time Change! (Fall Back)

The time is here; the dreaded time to change our clocks and throw our children off the lovely sleep schedules they may already be on!

Just like every other parent, I am not a fan of time changes. Not only does it also impact my own children's sleep, I find it much harder to get up in the mornings with this time change. Not only do time changes affect sleep, but I also find them so difficult to wrap my head around for the first week or so.

Here are a few different ways to handle this time change:

Slow change over a few days:

Shift bedtime later as we get closer to the change. This shouldn't be done in big increments, 10-15 minutes at a time is sufficient.

Example: If bedtime is 7pm, the first shift would be 7:10pm

2nd day: 7:25pm (you would start shifting naps on this day as well)

3rd day: 7:40pm

4th day: 7:55pm

5th day: 8:00pm

When DST arrives, this new 8:00pm bedtime will feel more like 7:00pm

Second option: Quicker change

For the first 3 days of the time change, bump naps and bedtime earlier by 30 minutes

Example: If your child normally naps at 12:30, push nap back to 12:00 since it will feel like 1:00pm to your child. If bedtime is typically 6:30pm, shift bedtime to 6:00pm. Leave your schedule like this for 3 days, and then return to your normal schedule.

Remember to be patient with yourself, and your child during this time change. It can take at least 1 week for our bodies to adjust.



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