Round Of Applause For White Noise

It’s a fairly well-known fact - babies like white noise. The thing about it is, they are familiar to this noise because of the sounds they hear while still in the womb. Your baby spent his/her days & nights surrounded by the sound of a beating heart, blood rushing around your body, and the rhythmic in and out of your breath created a comforting somewhat similar to the sound of a vacuum. Once your baby is brought into this big world, they are suddenly found in a disconcerting environment of hushed tones, and carefully placed footsteps. Although these steps are taken to ensure your baby drifts off to sleep, it actually leaves your little one feeling displaced, and confused. 

What is white noise:

If you look for the technical definition; white noise is defined as a consistent noise that comes out evenly across all hearable frequencies. 

How does it help your baby sleep?

When a noise wakes your little one up in the night, or during a nap, it is not the NOISE itself that wakes you up, but the sudden change or inconsistencies in noise that cause the startle. Using white noise for your baby, will create a masking effect, blocking out sudden changes that frustrate light sleepers (which babies are!) or people whom are trying to drift into sleep. The consistent sound of white noise tricks our brain into concentrating on that one solid noise, rather than the noises surrounding us. Not only does this help our little ones have a deeper, more restful sleep, but it also means there is less anxiety surrounding the noise level of our homes while little one’s are asleep. 

This is why TRUE white noise is an important stable to your Child’s sleep. Sound machines that play lullabies, waves, rain, etc can actually cause a child to wake up, from the change in pitch.

White noise helps your baby relax and calm down easier, not only that but white noise has been proven to help infants decrease their heart rate, respiratory rates and decrease motor skills making it easier to drift into sleep.

Fun facts:

-White noise decreases the amount of time it takes to falls asleep by 3x!

-White noise increases the amount of time spent in deep sleep

-White noise decreases the amount of time it takes to transition into the next sleep cycle

Friend or foe?

Friend! Although it can be considered a sleep prop - it’s more along the lines of a sleep association since it can actually INDUCE sleep. Some can certainly become dependent on it, but they can also sleep without it. It may not be as restful of a sleep, but it can absolutely be done. Even as adults, most find great comfort in the sound of a fan!

To make White Noise a successful part of your child’s sleep, it is important to purchase a sound machine that is true white noise, and not a looping recording of white noise. This means playing it on YouTube, or on a google home device may not work for your child. 

The product I recommend the most is the Lectrofan Sound Machine. This machine is absolutely amazing and comes in two different models. You can purchase the full size, or the Lectrofan Micro, which fits in the palm of your hand, and includes an internal battery which holds a 12-hour charge (perfect for power outages and traveling!)

The next step to making white noise a successful tool for sleep is the volume. It is essential that you place the noise machine away from your child’s crib/bed and should never exceed 50-60 decibels. You can test the decibels of your sound machine by downloading an app. Simply place your phone in your Child's sleep space and turn the machine on! 

Lectrofan Machine on Amazon

Lectrofan Micro on Amazon


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