Reviewing The Miku Smart Baby Monitor

I have been a mother for nearly 6 years, and a Sleep Consultant for nearly 3 years. During these 6 years of parenthood and years of working with families, I have spent countless hours and so much money trying to find a reliable baby monitor to keep an eye on the most precious parts of our lives; our children.

Video monitors are a relatively new “must-have” for parents, but I for one am extremely relived that they exist. How amazing is it to see your baby is safe and sleeping soundly without disrupting their sleep?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of monitors on the market, and some of them are not worth the large price tag that goes along with them. Poor battery life, poor picture/sound quality and distance issues are all problems I have personally encountered on my search for the perfect baby monitor.

As a Sleep Consultant I receive the question “what video monitor do you recommend” multiple times a day. The problem with that question is, I never found a monitor I felt like I could comfortably recommend to a family who were reliant on it for their child’s safety. I have spent the past 12 months making it my personal mission to find a monitor that I felt fit my family, but also a monitor I felt like I could recommend to the families I work with.

During my search for the perfect monitor I came across the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. I reached out and was pleasantly surprised by how quick and friendly their team was to me. Upon receiving my Miku Smart Baby Monitor (pronounced me-koo), I was quickly impressed just by their packaging. Many monitors on the market come with the bare minimum, only power adapters and monitors/screens, but not the Miku. Upon opening the box, I realized they sent everything you would need to set up your monitor.

Unpacking the Miku Smart Baby Monitor was great, I felt like a child on Christmas morning, the more I looked, the more I found within the box.

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor included:


-Wall Mount with Level -Tape Measure -Screwdriver and screws

-Power adapter

-Instruction Manual

-Cord covers (AH-MAZING)

All I needed was a pencil, smart device and wi-fi!

My husband installed the monitor within 10 minutes, and said it was the easiest monitor he has ever installed (trust me, he has installed a few of them in our 6 years of parenthood) We immediately turned the Miku on and were so excited to get started with it. Unfortunately, we did experience issues with our connection right away. However, when reaching out to the Miku team they almost immediately responded to me and fixed the issue within 30 minutes of communicating. Not only did they fix it quickly, the team also checked back in several hours later to ensure everything was still working well. Since that first day, we have not had one single issue with our monitor.

Miku is not lying when they say, the baby genius of monitors.' This baby monitor is not lacking in the features it has available to parents. So, let’s dive in and talk about what it has to offer!

My favourite feature; Sleep Analytics

This is possibly one of the greatest features I have ever had the privilege of trying on a baby monitor. As a Sleep Consultant and as a Mother, I find it essential to know what time my children are falling asleep, what time they wake in the morning, and how long naps are lasting. Not only is this feature essential to keeping a child on a good schedule, it’s also takes the math and guesswork out of attempting to calculate how long your child’s naps and nights were that day

Breathing Monitor:

What parent doesn’t worry about their child not breathing while in bed. I know I personally cannot count how many times I have stared anxiously at my child’s chest over the monitor wondering if they are okay. The breathing monitor has really put this anxious mama’s mind at ease.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor:

As you know by now, I have used many different baby monitors and NONE, I repeat NONE of them have been accurate on the room temperature until I met the Miku Monitor. Not only is the temperature accurate, but the humidity sensor is also a great addition. This again helps put parents mind at ease knowing their child’s room is at a comfortable and SAFE temperature.

Sound & Motion Detector:

Here’s a funny story for you. We were recently on vacation and I forgot to turn our Miku off. Sitting in our hotel room hundreds of miles away, I receive a notification that the Miku detected sound and movement. The problem was, NO ONE was home and our doors were locked. As I nervously opened my Miku app, I was relieved to know one of our cats had simply opened our youngest son’s door and were attempting to enter his crib. Another great feature of the Miku; I was able to discipline our cat from hundreds of miles away using the “talk back” feature!

When Miku says their Sound & Motion detector are accurate and reliable, they aren’t joking!

Fall Asleep/Wake up Alert:

This is a really great feature. The Miku app will alert you when your baby falls asleep, and when they wake up. This helps parents feel confident in stepping away from the monitor but still receiving accurate information for when their baby falls asleep/wakes up.

Personalized Notifications:

Within the settings on the Miku you are able to set the notifications to what you want to be alerted to. Another great feature they added (what didn’t they think of seriously?) was the option to add in users which means for Dad’s, grandparents, and caregivers are easily able to access the monitor.

Access from ANYWHERE:

Anxious Mom’s sing praise, you can access the monitor from anywhere in the world. This makes my mom heart SO happy. Something I have struggled with since becoming a mother is leaving my children with anyone while I try to have a bit of a life. Knowing I can quickly peak in at my children without them ever knowing really gives me peace of mind.

White Noise and Music:

The Miku features many different options for noise and lullabies. With most monitors the sounds seem to come out with a hint of static in the noise, and as I would describe it, as an unpleasant scratchy sound. The Miku Monitor noise comes out as if it were coming from a real noise machine or music player.


Wi-fi connected:

This may not be an issue for some people who have reliable internet. However, if you are in a rural area that has choppy internet it may be tough for you to get a connection. However, with saying that I consider our internet “choppy & unreliable” and have never had an issue of the Miku dropping out or disconnecting.


The price is a bit more than some monitors and may turn people away from purchasing it. With the number of features, it has, and the amount of time a baby monitor is used I personally think the price is worth it. I still use a monitor with our almost 6-year-old so here is a bit of a break down for you;

$560 – price of monitor (CAD)

Equals out to be $46.66 per month if you use the monitor for ONLY 12 months.

Equals out to be $23.33 per month if you use the monitor for ONLY 24 months.

Equals out to be $15.55 per month if you use the monitor for ONLY 36 months.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Shortest con list ever, but that is truthfully the only 2 con’s I can find within this monitor.


- Accurate sleep tracking

- Accurate breathing monitor

- Temperature & Humidity sensor

- Reliable sound and movement detector

- Sleek design which includes cord covers

- Easy installment

- Can be accessed anywhere

- No subscription fees

- Great customer service

- Clear picture and sound

Overall – I am very impressed with the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. For a newer company, it seems as though they have put much thought into the design and features of this monitor. I finally feel as though my family has found a monitor we can rely on, and as a Sleep Consultant I am confident in recommending the Miku Smart Baby Monitor to any family seeking the perfect monitor.

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