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Being in the infant/toddler sleep business; I often get questioned about my favourite baby/toddler products in general and those related to sleep. People who know me personally like to say I am a book of knowledge on all things pregnancy/baby related so I want to share the knowledge with my favourite baby products; both sleep and non-sleep related!

Swaddles: There are a variety of different swaddles for babies depending on the type you want. You can get zippered swaddles, velcro swaddles, wraps, arms up/arms down, etc.

Love to Dream Swaddle:

Small (8-13 lbs)

Medium (13-19 lbs)

Love To Dream Knock-Off (Narutoo Brand)

Halo Velcro Swaddle

Basic Velcro Swaddle

Nested Bean Swaddle (0-6 Months)

Sleep Sacks: Sleep Sacks are the next sleep up to swaddles and also come in a variety of different styles and sizes. I am a big sleep sack lover, so I hope you enjoy the following list!

Nested Bean:

(0-6 Months): 2.5ToG

(6-15 Months): 0.3 ToG

Halo Sleep Sack

Woolino Sleep Sack (This one is a bit more on the expensive side but fits for a long time and is excellent quality!)

Burts Bees Sleep Sack (0.5ToG)

Kyte Baby Sleep Sack;

0-36 Months (1.0 ToG)

0-36 Months (2.5 ToG)

TealBee Baby Toddler Suit

Noise Machines: There are very few companies who use true white noise in their machines. This means their white noise is not pre-recorded and does not loop through-out the night which can cause your baby/child to wake frequently.

Adaptive Sound Technologies (Lectrofan, Full size model)

Adaptive Sound Technologies (Lectrofan Alpha, includes internal battery)

Adaptive Sound Technologies (Lectrofan Micro2, includes internal battery)

Adaptive Sound Technologies (Lectrofan Micro, includes internal battery)

This list will frequently become updated overtime so be sure to keep checking back!


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