Let's Talk About Consistency

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Consistency is a popular word here at Sleep EZzz Consulting (@help.baby.sleep), it is one I use very often and the reason why? Because it is the foundation to all successful experiences surrounding sleep.

Consistency within a child’s sleep schedule is a huge part of creating and building a successful foundation of healthy sleep; no matter the child’s age. Even as adults, we can benefit from consistency in our routines when it comes to sleep.

What does consistency look like within child’s sleep habits?

-Consistent bedtime routines; Keeping a consistent bedtime routine is essential in creating healthy & happy habits surround sleep. When a child knows what is expected of them, they are far more likely to react better than if bedtime and naps are sprung upon them with no notice. Having nap time and bedtime routines that are consistent, helps your child better understand when sleep is necessary.

-Consistent boundaries surrounding sleep;

This is more for older toddlers who are trying to get out of bedtime. It is important to set clear and realistic expectations with your child surrounding sleep. If you continuously tell your child to stay in the room/in bed, but do not follow through with consequences when they leave the bed, this cycle will carry on.

-Consistent start to the day;

Waking your child up within 30 minutes of the same time every day is very beneficial from infancy all the way through adulthood. Why is it beneficial? Waking up at the same time helps reinforce your circadian rhythm which causes your bodily functions and cycles to operate efficiently, in simpler terms; it helps keep you healthy!

Not only does waking at the same time have benefits for your health, but it also greatly benefits your child’s sleep schedule. Waking at the same time every morning helps keep bedtime and naps within 30 minutes of the same time as well. This has great benefits for better sleep quality and extending sleep.

The list goes on and on about how consistency is beneficial for your child and yourself. Not only does consistency give your child routine and structure, it can also help parents get through their days more efficiently.

-Consistent sleep schedules allow parents to have set times when they know they will get some free time. This can allow parents to have a rest/relax when needed or to get some work done around your home.

-Consistent sleep schedules make things easier for caregivers to tend your children.

-Consistent bedtimes mean parents have the ability to go to bed early themselves or to stay up way too late enjoying their free time (you know we’ve all been there!)

As you have likely gathered from this information; consistency is important for all ages but especially now with school aged children returning back to classes or home learning. Encouraging and creating a positive foundation surrounding sleep helps children in their every day, daily lives.

And there you have it, that is why here at Sleep EZzz Consulting I am always chatting about how important consistency is for your children.


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