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Mini Consults

Budget friendly options to help solve your family's sleep struggles!

How does it work?

These services are best suited for parents who feel comfortable in their own knowledge of sleep training. To be successful with these services, parents must be willing to follow given information and troubleshoot with minimum support from Michelle.


Partial Sleep Support

Sleep assessment completed by parents

A 3 part customized sleep plan (information, sleep plan strategies, FAQ)

An online or phone chat (email, text, voice chat) for 30 minutes to answer any questions you may have regarding your sleep training plan.

Sleep Environment Assessment

4 Emails of support (These emails can be used as you see fit, there is no expiry)

Printable sleep log & sleep goal sheets


Private Q&A (Online)

A private question & answer session with Michelle!


During this online session, you can ask as many questions as you'd like, within the time frame you have purchased, no limit on questions! If you have time left over from your session, it can be used at a later date (date to be discussed with Michelle).

-An assessment form will need to be completed 24 hours prior to your consultation.

15 Minutes: $30.00

30 Minutes: $50.00

45 Minutes: $75.00

This service can be turned into a shared Q&A if you desire. Invite a friend and split the cost!

Crib Mobile
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Nap Transitions

Nap transitions can be tough for parents; especially those who suffer with anxiety. Although I offer the option of nap transition guides for a budget friendly cost, many parents would prefer someone tell them what to do, for their unique situation. This can be easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

In this service, parents will complete a sleep assessment form. This assessment form will cover what the current schedule is, the age of your child and other questions that will be essential to creating a personalized nap transition plan for your child.

-Personalized nap transition plan for your child.

-3 support emails.

$50.00 CAD