"I HIGHLY recommend Michelle, I was always so sceptical about spending money on a sleep consultant thinking oh, I can do it myself. Boy was I wrong, I wish I had reached out to her months ago!!! We’re only EIGHT days in from starting sleep training and my son has gone from waking 2-4+ times a night to sleeping through the ENTIRE night!!! I’m talking 6:30-7am consistently the last three nights! He was a notorious 20-30 min cat napper. It was becoming so hard on me, him and my toddler, from the lack of sleep and the lack of attention I was able to give my toddler, he now goes down completely awake for naps and bedtime with only a short routine and now naps upwards to 1.5 hours (I’ve had to wake him from two of his naps!) My home is a much happier lighter home since Michelle helped me break his bad sleep habits and I could not be more thankful!"



"I messaged Michelle in desperation after dealing with increasing anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. Our daughter, who had been sleeping through the night and napping without issues, suddenly would fight sleep tooth and nail, she would start screaming as soon as we put her down, it took an hour or more to get her to sleep, and she would wake screaming multiple times a night. 
When I was able to get her to nap it would last maybe 20 minutes. Not only were we miserable, but I could tell she was too - she was exhausted, and rarely her usual cheery self.

Michelle helped me choose the service that was right for us - and it was a perfect fit. The guide was easy to follow, and within 2 days !!! TWO DAYS!!! our sleep, mental health, and happiness improved. My daughter naps again, and sleeps through the night. She is now able to fall asleep independently when we put her in her crib - so no more screaming nights! Best of all, we have our happy baby back! <3

I have recommended Michelle to 3 other moms and will continue to do so. 🥰THANK YOU!!! "



"After my son hit the 4 month regression and never recovered from it, he would be awake 4 to 6 times a night and needed help falling asleep. I was exhausted and it was affecting my ability to function everyday. Michelle sent me the form to fill out information based on my son's personality and my personal beliefs and needs. She then sent me a sleep plan that was specific to my son and our needs. He is now sleeping through the night on his own and started after the first night of following the sleep plan. You are often told sleep training is unfair to a child but since we started, both my son and I are getting what we both need and are happy and well rested. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made."



"Michelle is amazing! I HIGHLY recommend her. My 2.5 year old toddler with sensory dysfunction had TERRIBLE sleep habits and I was too tired to try anything else. I had given up! Michelle and I chatted and she made me feel comfortable right away. She went above and beyond looking into EVERY way that could help my son. She was there for us every step of the way. You can tell Michelle is truly in this to help your family! She is an experienced mama and knows what she’s talking about. My toddler went from going to bed at midnight waking up multiple times a night for bottles to going to bed at 8pm with minor wake ups and no bottles. We are all so happy and I’m mad I waited so long! Michelle has forever changed our lives for the better!!!"



"My 4 month old son was dependent on a swaddle for naps (very short naps) and co-sleeping with me overnight. I desperately needed to gain back my bed, room and time during the day. I was beginning to feel like I was drowning. After attempting to ‘sleep train’ on my own, I quickly gave up due to lack of knowledge, experience and support. Michelle was recommended to me through a friend and, after speaking with her, I immediately signed on for a 2-week plan. I can’t put in to words what Michelle has done for our family. My child sleeps independently in his crib with no sleep crutches like a swaddle or soother at just 4 months old. His naps are long and appropriate for his age and he sleeps a full 12 hours overnight. He is a much happier baby and I, a much happier mother. If you are struggling with lack of sleep and don’t know where to start, please don’t waste any time and reach out to Michelle. She is educated, compassionate and knows what you are going through because she has been there before. She supports you every single step of the way so you can feel confident knowing what you are doing is best suited for your specific baby’s needs. This is the BEST investment you will ever make!"



"I highly recommend Michelle! We recently got help getting on a good nap routine and sleeping later than 5am. In just a few days we have a strict nap schedule that Scarlett is doing very well with and she is sleeping until 7 every morning, making momma and baby so happy! "


"Highly recommend Michelle! She helped us drop all sleep props including the soother and swaddle which my baby was very dependant on to sleep. We also dropped night feedings and our baby now sleeps 12 hours most nights at 5 months old. She helped all of us get a better nights sleep. Thank you!!"


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