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Here at Sleep E-Zzz Consulting, there is one main goal - to provide your family with tools, support and guidance during the transition to better sleep habits.


Hi, I'm Michelle Cormier, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Trust me when I say - I know how you feel. I am a mother of two boys and once was defeated by my child's sleep habits. I knew I needed to make a change, but I didn't know how. That is how my love for sleep training began, and the rest is history!

Making Sleep EZzz Again

We have all heard it - the well intended statement "they're only little once, enjoy it." As if since becoming a parent, you are no longer a human, whose basic needs no longer need to be met, but you must enjoy it.

The conception that parents are meant to be completely exhausted is so normalized and accepted in our society that it leads to an array of issues - postpartum depression, poor decision making skills, decline in relationships, and creation of poor/unsafe sleeping habits.

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What Well Rested Parents Say

Michelle is so great! My 4 month old and I went to her with essentially no schedule, 30 minute crap naps and waking up 7 times a night putting a lost soother back in. After the very first night Ellie was sleeping through without her soother. It was impressive. We now have a great schedule and 3 great naps a day. I now have a good understanding of appropriate wake times and how to adjust for appointments and when life happens. We had a great experience and Michelle was so quick to message me back when I had questions or was about to cave and pick Ellie up before she was ready. If you or your baby are struggling in the sleep department you should really reach out to Michelle!

Megan. C

Michelle is fantastic!! My 7 month old now sleeps peacefully for 11 hours a night and wakes up in a great mood. He takes great naps and falls asleep independently. Michelle really helped us understand our son’s sleep needs and worked with us to create a schedule that best suited him. She also taught us to navigate “off” days so we know what to do moving forward. We are so grateful for the help!!

Kelly. M

Michelle helped me in more ways than just sleeping. With all of the anxieties of being a new mother, she helped me gain more confidence with softly sleep training our 6 month old. Our baby was nursing around the clock to sleep as well as being rocked. With her help - I was able to put him down for all naps and bedtime wide awake without any sleep props. She followed us through straight to the end and was there for me with every put down. She made sure we left our consult with the confidence we needed to move forward on our own. Thank you so much, Michelle! Our baby is now a sleeping champ. ❤️

Melissa. H

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